Thursday, June 17, 2010

Staff Party at Nemacolin's Shooting Academy.

Steak and Shoot with Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours Staff went off with a bang.

What a great time this was. Joel Means the Owner of OTP decided that our staff needed a night out and we loaded up a couple company vans and went to Nemacolin's Shooting Academy. This was great.
Waivers had to be signed and we were no stranger to understand what that meant. There is definitely risk of bodily injury whenever you have guns but Nemacolin does a great job in preaching safety and establishing safe protocols from the second you choose your gun.
The majority of guns used there are double barrel over under. These are carried open or broken down so there cannot be a possibility of it being able to fire.

We all really enjoyed a chance to pose with our gun of choice. To choose you just looked at what the Shooting Academy had and picked it. It was like being a kid in a candy store. We selected 12 gauge Brownings and Berettas. They had a beautiful collection of shot guns.

We all got golf carts which had special racks on the front to carry the ammunition and there were multiple gun racks inside the cab and on the back of the cart to safely secure your firearms.

Stands were strategically built along the cart path and you went from stand to stand for the target shooting. Clay pigeons were the objectives and we had a lot of them to shoot.

Audi-mated Throwers were strategically placed to launch the bird in a multitude of directions and angles toward the shooter. It was really something. At one station you could have two shooting at one time and if you waited just for the right moment you could hit both with one shot.

Here you can see the bird out in front, the orange disk. This is what we all competed with one another to hit. It was great fun and challenge. The key was to lead it just a bit and then squeeze the trigger while you were swinging the gun on its trajectory.

Clyde, shown here with the hat on, is one of our River Guides Father and he was a professional at the finer points of skeet shooting. He told us how to shoot the pigeons and how to empty and reload the gun. It was great. The bin on the front of the stand is for empty shotgun shells.

There are 28 Gauge shotguns and ammo available for the ladies. This is a smaller calibre gun that will give confidence and less recoil to the feminine shooter.

The stations are beautiful. Isolated on the property your field of vision an be totally dedicated to the bird to zero in your shooting skills. The scenery is purely Pennsylvania.

Anytime you have guns safety is the number one priority and Nemacolin and it's professional staff make this element prevalent at all times. Only the shooter has a loaded gun and loading does not happen until the shooter is in position.

The course pros will diagnose your shooting problems and get you on track to performing on a higher level. It is really good to have someone there to give you some tips and release the pigeons.

Gun racks are strategically located at the stations for relaxing and watching your friends shoot.

Afterwards you can have a steak dinner to top fee the appetite you got from shooting.
The Wednesday Steak and Shoot is a great time and highly recommend it to everyone.

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