Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Whitewater Professionals....Enough Said.

Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours had a terrific Memorial Day weekend.  The weather was hot, the water was cool, and the rivers were awesome.  We kicked off our weekend with a full 7 boat trip on the Upper Yough.  We had a good, fluffy level of about 2.3 on the Sang Run gauge.  As usual, our stellar staff smoothed the river, with only minor action. 

The town of Ohiopyle was bumping this past weekend with lots of rafters, lots of bicyclers, and lots of people in general.  The gorgeous weather had folks out in full force looking to enjoy the sunshine.  The river was not as busy as expected, but we did have a few walk-ins looking to add to our Lower Yough rafting tours.  A great 3.5 water level kept the waves breaking over the boats to cool down our guests on the 80 degree Memorial Day Monday. 
Looking fine, at Bottle of Wine.

On Wednesday May 28th, Jeremy and Chaz conducted the classroom portion of their annual ACA Swiftwater Rescue class.  All of Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours guides have to take the class in order to guide for us.  The classroom day is kind of boring, but there is a plethora of useful information covered, such as rope throwing and handling, aggressive and defensive swimming, Z-drags, Telfur Lowers, and other whitewater rescue techniques. This past Tuesday, June 3rd, was the on-the-water portion of the class.  All new guides were in attendance and Jeremy put them to the test of their swiftwater knowledge.  The class was held on the Cassellman River at Fort Hill, PA.  We spent all day in the water, practicing the technical skills needed to perform safe Swiftwater Rescues.  The students and instructor had a great day on the water, with everyone having fun, being safe, and learning loads of information.  

On the water lecture.

Kevin, demonstrating proper aggressive swimming technique.

Foot entrapment scenario. 

Rains mid-week brought the Upper Yough back up to a runnable level and we were able to book a 3 boat trip on Friday May 30th..  With an unexpected natural flow of about 2.4 on the gauge, plus a release of 620 CFS from the dam, we saw a whopping 2.9 at Sang Run, the put-in for the Upper Yough.  It appears we were the only outfitter with the fortitude, knowledge and skill to tackle the Upper Yough at such high flows.  There was not a single swimmer on the trip, which just solidifies the fact that we have an expert staff on this Class V section.  The Upper Yough starts consistent releases on Mondays and Fridays for the month of June, and picks up every Saturday starting June 21st.
Boofing a juicy Cheeseburger Falls

Summer has finally arrived with temperatures consistently hitting 80 degrees.  We feel it's time to go rafting, get your butts down here to Ohiopyle to run the Yough River with us, Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours. 

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