Thursday, August 20, 2015

6 Things to Bring Along on Your Ohiopyle Adventure

If you’re planning a getaway in Ohiopyle, you likely have some outdoor activities in store. With over 20,000 acres of breathtaking natural beauty, Ohiopyle State Park is perfect for hiking, biking and rafting, while offering an abundance of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Before you start searching for the Ohiopyle rentals you’ll need and set out on your next grand adventure, be sure to make a checklist of all the things you should bring along. You won’t want to be without something essential when you’re out on the river or trail.

  1. Boots for Hiking

    Wearing the right footwear is vital when you’re hiking the trails of Ohiopyle. Your feet need proper protection, plain and simple, allowing you to stay as comfortable as possible no matter how far you trek. The extra padding in a good pair of boots will help keep your feet in good shape. Hiking boots also give your feet extra support, helping prevent falls, ankle sprains or other slips.

  2. Food and Water

    Whether you’re hiking, biking, swimming or rafting, your body is going to lose water and nutrients along the way. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water with you for your adventure. Remember to pack food that is easy to carry with you, such as trail mix or an energy bar.

  3. Flat Repair Kit for Biking

    One problem you’ll want to avoid during a biking trip is a flat tire that cannot be fixed. If you bring a flat repair kit with you, a flat tire should not be a cause for dismay. This type of kit should include some of the essentials to keep your bike up and running, so pack a hand pump, some tire patches, tire levers and a spare tube or tire just in case.

  4. A Quality Bike Lock

    Unless you plan to keep your bike by your side at all times, you should have a good lock at the ready. The U-lock variety of bike lock is ideal, and spending a few extra dollars on a lock that keeps your bike safe and secure is worth the hassle of replacing a stolen bike.

  5. River Shoes to Rafting

    Don’t make the rookie mistake of wearing flip flops out on your rafting trip. Flip flops fall off easily, and will quickly be lost in the rushing rapids leaving your feet unprotected. Bringing along a good pair of river shoes will allow you to have fun without the worry of lost footwear.

  6. Raft Rentals

    If you don’t own a raft, you’ll need to find a place that provides raft rentals. Be sure that you have access to everything you’ll need, including a life jacket and helmet. You may even be able to embark on a series of guided raft trips, capturing all the sights and sounds of Ohiopyle State Park along the way.

Your Ohiopyle adventure awaits you, so remember to make a checklist before you go. Playing outdoors can be a lot of fun, but it does require a certain amount of equipment and accessories. Make sure you have everything you could ever need to make the most of your day in Ohiopyle State Park by stopping by the Ohiopyle Trading Post! From rafts and ducky kayaks to bike rentals and more, Ohiopyle Trading Post is the adventure outfitter for your next outdoor getaway. If you’re heading to the Ohiopyle community, don’t forget to start your adventure off right by stopping by the Ohiopyle Trading Post.