Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getaway to Ohiopyle, Pa for an Excellent Summertime Adventure

Less than two hours from Pittsburgh lies the small community of Ohiopyle, the gateway to a wealth of spectacular scenery and a hotbed for outdoor activities. The name Ohiopyle has its origins in the Native American word ohiopehhia, meaning white frothy water. It’s a well-deserved name as the waters around Ohiopyle provide some of the best conditions for whitewater rafting in the region.

Whether you’re adventuring down the frothy waters or taking more traditional land routes, Ohiopyle is the perfect base for exploration of the Youghiogheny River Valley and Laurel Highlands. Visitors will find plenty to do and see in this excellent outdoor oasis, whether they’re simply looking to fill up a weekend or taking an extended visit. Here are some of the most excellent ways to immerse yourself in the Ohiopyle community on your next visit.

Things to Do

If you’re coming to Ohiopyle, there’s nothing better you can do than enjoy the great outdoors. Whether on land or by boat, here are some of the best activities to check out when you’re in the region.

  • Whitewater Boating

    For over fifty years, Ohiopyle white water rafting companies have been running various rafting tours in the area. Guided raft trips allow visitors to appreciate the grandeur of their natural surroundings while participating in some adrenaline gushing fun. There are various tours taking place along the Youghiogheny River Valley and all through the Laurel Highlands.

  • Hiking

    With over 25,000 acres of land, Ohiopyle State Park offers hikers 79 miles of trails through the forest and along rivers and creeks to numerous waterfalls. Visit the great Cucumber Falls or the namesake of the park, Ohiopyle Falls, the many other waterfalls, and the natural Meadow Run waterslide.

  • Biking

    Cycle enthusiasts will also find their needs met by the numerous biking opportunities inside and out of the state park. There are both mountain and road biking options, with maps and bike rentals available for visitors looking for a new way to explore the community.

  • Fishing

    Fishers will also find plenty to do as they enjoy fishing along Ohiopyle’s winding rivers, lakes and streams. Whether you take part in one of the area’s guided fishing trips or cast out on your own, you’re sure to take advantage of the plentiful trout, bass and walleye swimming throughout the streams.

Sights to See

Without question, one of the highlights of making a trip to the Ohiopyle region is to take in all the natural attractions and sites to be seen. Here’s just a small sampling of the region’s can’t miss locations.

  • Fallingwater

    Just a short distance from Ohiopyle lies Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s imaginative creation for the Kaufmann family. The house, rather than having a solid foundation, spans the 30-foot waterfall beneath and hosts public tours that are a hit among travelers from across the country.

  • Ohiopyle State Park

    One of the biggest reasons to come to Ohiopyle is, of course, for the incredible nature so no visitor should end their trip without first making their way through the expansive Ohiopyle State Park. Whether it’s by car, foot, or water, take a tour to for an unparalleled outdoor experience.

  • Laurel Highlands

    The Laurel Highlands are yet another highlight of the region’s incredible scenery. Visitors will find a unique blend of nature, architecture, shops, historic wineries and other amusements.

Places to Stay

Surrounded by so many attractions and scenic highlights, it’s no wonder that there are several lodging options available to overnight guests to the Ohiopyle community. Whether you prefer sleeping under the stars on one of the countless camping sites in the region, or would rather cozy up in a log cabin or hotel, you can be confident you’ll find accommodations perfectly tailored to your needs.

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